Simple, Soulful, Southern

Yes, that’s what the post is going to be today!
What can be more comforting than soft, pillowy idlis for dinner with a variety of chutneys to go with?! This kinda meal takes me to heaven. It’s a very Simple meal, comforting for the Soul and of course it’s from the Southern parts of India.

Thatte idli with Coconut-Mint chutney, Toor dal chutney and Tomato-Ginger chutney

Dinner Platter

Today, the version of Idlis which I have made are the Thatte Idlies. Thatte idlies basically mean “Plate idlies”, the batter being poured into special plates and then steamed. These idlies were accompanied by a Coconut chutney with a hint of mint, Toor dal chutney and Tomato-Ginger chutney. I hail from Madurai, Tamil Nadu and belong to the Sourashtrian community which is famous for its variety of chutneys. Otherwise boring idlies can become a lot more interesting when you have these kinda chutneys to accompany them 🙂 So come on over and enjoy this cross-state marriage food- Karnataka Thatte idlies and Tamil Nadu Chutneys!!

Pillowy soft idlies

Pillowy soft idlies

Photocredit: Photoyogi

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19 thoughts on “Simple, Soulful, Southern

  1. Hema

    Wow! it looks like a feast to me. A real treat to tummy and eyes.

    • Priya

      Thanks. Hema bei for the comment 🙂

  2. literally fluffy idly chutneys tastes superb from the foto itself

    • Priya

      Thanks Pradeep 🙂

  3. Sebastian Thomas

    u should start a restaurant

    • Priya

      Thank you for the comment Sebastian sir 🙂

  4. Priya Sutty


    • Priya


  5. VaruniBei

    it’s mouthwatering maai… that idly called ‘thowli phalaar’ in sourashtra?

    • Priya

      Thanks Varuni bei, this is made on a special stand, its seen in the pic in the background. Thouli phalar is made in slightly round bottomed earthernware pans.

  6. Vinaya

    Yummy idlies
    Love the interesting shape of these idlies……

    • Priya

      Thanks vinaya 🙂

  7. shakila rajasekaran

    temptations galore! lucky man praveen!

    • Yes! Shakila bei 🙂 I am lucky!
      you are most welcome when you come to bangalore.
      Priya makes some lovely aapam and stew you must try it some time.

    • Priya

      Shakila bei, please do join us for a meal when you’re in Bangalore 🙂

  8. Avanthikabai

    First time I tasted this thatte. Means thattu idles in coorg with my family in a resort. Oh it was wow taste and what my blood – my daughter has made thello so mar thousand times more tasty kan rhaai. Varuni thovli phalar is different thello depth ven Elle diameter ven

    • Priya

      Amba, thank you 🙂

  9. anju

    I wanna cum to bgl ASAP:)

    • Priya

      What are you waiting for?

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