Homemade Peanut Butter- Delicious!

Peanut Butter
Yes, finally am back! 🙂 Been a long long while since I wrote anything here. Lots of travel all through the holiday season filled with visits to close family and friends and lots of fun and some sickness and a little bit of work, all this kept me away from blogging. Now, I decided to revive this little space of mine with a recipe which is child’s play, literally 🙂

The first time I ever ate Peanut Butter was when I was in college. One of my dear friends always had a jar of Chocolate Peanut butter from Prutina with her and offered me some to taste. That was the moment, I was hooked! 🙂 The next time I visited a supermarket, I had my own jar. I loved the Chocolate and the Crunchy Peanut butter the most. The love story has continued ever since 🙂

Whenever we visit my home town Madurai, there is one thing we love to carry back home. And, that is Roasted Peanuts. This time too when we visited a couple of weeks ago, we carried a whole lot of them. As we sat munching it, a thought just flashed “Why don’t I make some Peanut butter out of it?”

So, off we started, my husband n me, rubbing the skin off those peanuts 🙂 So, let me share the step by step pictorial with you all. Do give it a try once, you’ll love it 🙂

1 Cup of Peanuts
1/2 Tsp of Salt
1/2 Tsp of Neutral Vegetable oil

1. Dry roast peanuts and remove their skin by rubbing between your palms. I used pre-roasted, salted peanuts.
2. Take the skinned peanuts in a mixer jar suitable for dry grinding. Keep pulsing the peanuts in short intervals (use the pulse mode)
3. First you will get a coarse powder, as you continue, it gets finer and starts to clump together. Continue to pulse.

P1010279 P1010281 P1010280 P1010283
4. You will notice the peanuts starting to release their oils, continue pulsing
5. Add the oil and the salt and run the mixer on low speed now. The oil helps in grinding to a smooth texture. I added just a pinch of salt as my peanuts were already salted.
6. You’ll notice a nice shiny homogeneous mass now, that’s your golden peanut butter. If you like it sweet, you may even choose to add some sugar, I didn’t add any.

P1010282 P1010284 P1010286
7. Transfer to an air-tight jar. Store at room temperature for a week and enjoy 🙂


1. Peanuts can be roasted on stove-top, in microwave or in an oven

2. For a sweeter version, add sugar/jaggery/honey/palm sugar/maple syrup

3. For a chocolatey version, add a tablespoon of cocoa powder while grinding

4. For a crunchy version, add some roasted peanuts towards the end and pulse it just a bit



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3 thoughts on “Homemade Peanut Butter- Delicious!

  1. Lakshmi Sriram


    Very nice recipe. Will definitely try.kid like peanuts very much.:-)
    Good going.

  2. Subbalekshmi

    Wow….that looks yummy. ..

  3. Hema Kochi

    Very tempting (even though I am not a fan of PBJ). Nice illustration with pictures.

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