Holi hai!

Just when you think what a “normal” day today is, your child can make it a day to remember in no time! Be it good or bad, children keep us on our toes and add the sugar and the spice into our lives. How boring can life be without these little monsters!

Today was supposedly a “study” holiday for my third grader in between his final exams. As expected, studies hardly seemed to be happening until 5.30 pm. Then when momma shouts at the son asking him to get the books n the pen out, he slowly strolls towards them.

The next minute, my son suddenly started screaming. Came rushing out to check what had gone wrong, the fellow had sucked on his favourite gel pen and had his mouth painted blue!! Holi hai! Lol

Holi with gel pen

Poor fellow!! He was so scared!

Ek minute mein ban gaya din exciting!!

Children are so much fun to be around, love every moment I spend with my little one 🙂 Thank you dear for making my life so colourful! 🙂

Blue tooth

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One thought on “Holi hai!

  1. I was in the training program when my phone buzzed! LOL
    nice nice he is smiling too :p
    appy HoLi!

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