Floral Musings

Pinkie :)

Pinkie 🙂

Today as I happened to walk past my garden, couldn’t help clicking these beauties which adorn our garden. Some of these have stories to tell 🙂 Lots of them have been bought from Nurseries in and around Lalbagh either during our son’s birthday or during the Flower Shows. They have been tendered lovingly by our Maali, Linganna for many years, without whose support, maintaining a garden is impossible for us.

The Pink Rose seen here is an edible variety of rose and it is called Pattu Rose in Tamil. “Pattu” in Tamil refers to Silk. It’s petals are silky soft and they are used to make Rose water and Gulkandh. It has a lovely mild fragrance. I finally got this plant from Lalbagh Nursery this year during the Flower show after hunting for it for many years 🙂

As I was clicking images, I also happened to catch a beautiful butterfly paying a Flying visit to the flowers 🙂 I hope you enjoy the colour play of the flowers just as much as we do 🙂

Please click on the Thumbnails to view larger images.

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Floral Musings

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3 thoughts on “Floral Musings

  1. Hema Kochi

    Different flowers, colors looks awesome mai, thanks for sharing.

  2. ritu

    heavenly pri!

  3. Renuka

    Bright flowers Priya:)

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