Lunchbox Idea- 3

This is a menu which I prepared today for my son’s lunchbox and couldn’t wait to share 🙂 On my recent trip to the grocer, I had picked up packet of Bajra flour just wanting to try it out. I have been including a lot of millets in our diet over the past few months and just to kill boredom, I have trying different types of millets each time. My family has been quite welcoming with the idea of millet inclusion in our menu 🙂

My son loves Puris in his lunch menu and it had been a while since I sent them. And he loves to eat his Puris with Chole more than aloo subzi 🙂 Today, for a change I made Puris with Bajra flour and paired it with Chole 🙂 For snack, I included some home grown Chikkus and Strawberries and some Flavoured milk.

The puris had a nice earthy aroma and were crisp for a long time. We too had it for our lunch and enjoyed it thouroughly 🙂


Some tips on making Puris with Bajra:
1. Use warm water to knead the dough to help bind well
2. Let the dough be stiff once kneaded and let rest covered for atleast half an hour before making puris
3. Do not roll the dough but pat it on a greased plastic sheet/banana leaf and transfer directly to hot oil for frying
4. Pat the puris slightly on the thicker side to prevent tearing and also to keep them soft for a longer while
5. You can either make plain puris or add seasonings depending on choice.

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