Lunch Box Idea- 6

Am not really a morning person, if left on my own would just laze around in bed for hours together! But duty beckons n I don’t have that luxury anymore 🙂 anyways, today was one such day when I hadn’t planned anything for the lunch n was scratching my head as to what to make. Just opened my pantry, saw the pasta pack, then checked my refrigerator and noticed an abundance of coriander. So put the two together n here comes the Coriander Pesto Pasta! 🙂


I boiled some salted water, dropped the pasta in to boil. Meanwhile pulsed some coriander leaves, walnuts, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, salt, crushed pepper and lime juice in the mixer n my Pesto was all ready. Once the pasta was cooked, drained n mixed it up n done dana done!! 🙂

I had baked these chocolate chip cookies yesterday n coupled them with milk for snacks. And a picture was taken for reminder the box packed n sent off in twenty minutes flat! 🙂 what a lazy cook I am!! But who cares really! 🙂

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