DIY birthday planning- Part One

It had been a long time since I hosted a birthday party. My elder one is 11.5yrs and having children born ten years apart, times have changed quite considerably and so have tastes 😬 Hence, I was quite nervous this time around when I had to plan the first birthday party of my little fellow. 

I started about a month ago with the planning. It helped that I was connected to a few mommy friends through a couple of FB groups having children in similar age group. Through them, I could draw some inspiration to kick start the prepping 😀 given that if things are left to me, I might just sit on it forever 😜 And very importantly, one of the mommies was kind enough to invite me to her sweet little kid’s party too! She poured in tonnes of ideas and also got me contacts of various people who helped me host a decent party 🙂 Thanks a bunch Keerthana, you were extremely helpful! ❤

So the first thing I planned out was the budget, although a very rough one 🙂 anyways, so once that was done, I started exploring my possibilities of what can be accommodated in it. So, I mentally made note of the essentials versus the variables, the essentials being things which I couldn’t afford to compromise on. 

The things that made to the Essentials list were:

The Venue- Whether home/outside? I chose the second option, maybe an easy way out but that is what I was comfortable this time around as I was quite low on energy and didn’t want to burden myself beyond what I could handle. 

The Food- Food was comparatively easy option once the venue was done. We held the party in a club which has its own caterer and having prior knowledge of the food served helped a lot in choosing the menu. 

The Cake- I wanted a decorative cake devoid of too much of fondant and food colours. I shortlisted a couple of home bakers and finally went ahead with Nithya of who, very patiently answered all my queries and clarified my doubts and finally did a fabulous job on the cake! I would forever be thankful for accommodating all my requirements 😊 I also got some yummy cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream made by a friend Shweta and they were devoured by the guests 🎂

The Variables:

The Variables included things like the invitee list, the party decor, the return gifts and packaging, some small entertainment factor for the guests and a few milestone events for the birthday boy. 

I would like the emphasise that the variable list is as such of no less importance than the essentials except for the sake of convenient discussion on blog 🙂 

There’s been one aspect of my life which has seen a major change in the last few years and that has been to reduce our plastic use as far as I can and be more eco friendly in my choices. I tried to incorporate the same in a few aspects of the planning and hope I succeeded in atleast one of them 😊

Over the next few posts, I hope to elaborate on how I executed each of these 🙂

Good day to you all who took time to read my boring post 😂

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