Strawberry Jam

The markets are flooded with strawberries and to make the best of it and to relish the bounty for a longer time, there’s no better way than preserving it!

So, I made a batch of the delicious jam/preserve following a tried and tested recipe from divinetaste.

The recipe is extremely simple and calls for just three basic ingredients. I halved the original recipe.


  • 200 g of Cleaned Strawberries
  • 150 g of Sugar
  • Juice of half a lime

Next time I’d reduce the sugar slightly as it is just a notch above on my personal sweetness scale. The recipe is a masterpiece otherwise! I have tried it several times and it’s a very much loved recipe! 🙂

We just made a short video of the process and here is the link to it


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2 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam

  1. Keerthana

    Thank you KP for inspiring me to try this wonderful recipe. I made strawberry jam a while ago and it turned out so tasty!! Keep such blogs coming 🙂

    • Priya

      Am so glad you liked it Keerthana 🙂

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