Kol Kol Buckle Compact Carrier Review

Kol Kol sent me the Buckle Compact for testing before the launch and I used it exclusively and extensively for a few weeks and absolutely loved the carrier. I used the carrier during January-February 2018. The features I liked are:
1. Lives up to its name of being Compact, folds up very neat and snug and fits into most diaper bags without occupying too much space. Is very light, so encourages you to carry it out and babywear more often.

2. The cotton used is very breathable and is perfect for our weather

3. The waist belt is very supportive, once worn does not move about or slide and stays put and distributes weight very evenly. So doesn’t leave me with a sore back despite wearing for hours together.

4. Shoulder padding is very thin but don’t let that fool you, it feels like a feather but supports like a rock! I was quite surprised when it felt just as comfortable as my own Full Buckle Standard from Kol Kol despite being much thinner. It doesn’t dig in at all. Being a chronic shoulder and back pain sufferer it was pure bliss to wear my then 2yr old toddler.

5. The panel hugs the baby like second skin and provides a great seat without any effort at all.

After it’s launch, I now have two Buckle Compacts from Kol Kol and I absolutely love them both to bits. They’re my go to carriers whenever I step out. Now I’ve been using these carriers for over 6 months and I truly vouch for them! Even the daddy seems to love them and finds it very convenient to carry my presently 29 month old Toddler. That’s such a convert from a non-babywearer to a Babywearing parent!!

So if you have been considering buying a Baby Carrier and have been confused about which one to go for, my suggestion is to just blindly choose a Buckle Compact(if your baby is above 6 months and has reached the recommended height of 70cms). What makes these Carriers truly worth it is they’re ergonomic, safety tested and extremely affordable. They are priced from 2500 INR upwards, making them extremely cost effective!

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